Dear friends,

Our team has some very exciting news to announce:

Our endodontic practice has moved to a new location!

But don’t worry:

We’re only six blocks away from our original office.

What makes this so special?

Dr. Marshall Lavin moved into the same building as his younger brother, Dr. Mark Lavin… This text opens a new tab to Dr. Mark T. Lavin’s website….

Dr. Mark and Dr. Marshall Lavin

Dr. Mark Lavin is a board-certified periodontist who has owned and operated his periodontal practice in Sioux Falls for more than 15 years!

In the past, their timings never aligned to allow the opportunity to practice together, even though we were only a few blocks apart.


There’s no time like the present, so the dynamic duo is working together at last!

This is such an awesome opportunity, as the two brothers get along very well.

And they have very compatible areas of practice!

Endodontics and periodontics have always been linked together.

Both doctors are concerned with:

  • Relieving your pain
  • Restoring your smile’s integrity
  • Improving your overall oral health and wellness

Endodontists specialize in eliminating infection from your tooth’s root and preserving your healthy tooth structure.

Periodontists specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal (gum) disease and the placement and maintenance of dental implants.

These two dental fields are interconnected because when you’re suffering from a tooth infection or gum disease, the other areas of your mouth are susceptible to becoming infected or damaged too.

By working together, the duo can provide:

  • More accurate diagnosis
  • More efficient treatment
  • Greater results

Now you’ll be able to receive both types of care under one roof. 

Plus, the siblings will be able to get each other’s specialized expertise right then.


You’ll receive expert dental care on another spectacular level!

Where are we located?

You can now find us at 3400 E. 26th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57103… This text opens a new tab to Dr. Marshall Lavin’s Google listing….

Collage of our new endodontic office in Sioux Falls, SD

When you walk into the new office, you may wonder if you accidentally stepped into a spa!

It’s warm, inviting, cozy, and patient focused with an ample amount of space.

See for yourself by taking a virtual office tour… This text opens a new tab to Dr. Mark Lavin’s Contact Page…!

Come check out our new office in Sioux Falls

Just like before:

Dr. Marshall Lavin will continue to provide you with top-notch endodontic care and do everything in his power to make you comfortable.

Only now, your care will be twice as great! ????

Drs. Marshall and Mark Lavin both have had extensive training and are passionate about maintaining the highest standards.

When applicable, they’ll work together to create a custom treatment plan that’ll restore your smile’s health, beauty, and function!

Ready to visit us? Contact us today!

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Marshall T. Lavin DDS is located in Sioux Falls, SD… This text opens a new tab to Dr. Marshall Lavin’s Google listing…, and proudly serves surrounding areas in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska.