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Sioux Falls Endodontics

We'll show you that root canals are not the worst thing in the world.

Dr. Marshall T. Lavin, DDS…Learn more about our dentist… has been your preferred endodontist in the Sioux Falls area for more than 22 years. As a well-established teeth-saving specialist, he strives to provide quality root canal therapy with a unique and gentle touch.

With years of additional dental training, your Sioux Falls endodontist is committed to maintaining your natural smile’s look, health, and function.

What’s more, Dr. Lavin uses innovative technology to create a pleasant and relaxing experience tailored to your dental and personal needs.

Come and experience smooth and comfortable endodontic treatment, just the way it should be!

Enjoy Comfort
Yes, really! Root canals are designed to relieve pain - not increase it!

Endodontics refers to the specialty of restoring and saving your natural tooth through the use of root canal therapy. Many people feel nervous about this procedure due to outdated techniques – not at our office!

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Your Experience

Our goal is to provide you with pain relief though root canal therapy – as simple as that. Dr. Lavin’s modern approach involves an early assessment of your tooth’s integrity to understand the real cause of the problem and, in turn, devise the best plan to restore it to health.

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Your Treatment

Dr. Lavin uses advanced techniques and his skillset to alleviate your discomfort and restore your tooth’s health and structure. Also, he offers a genuine, patient-centered approach to make you feel relaxed and respected during your entire visit.

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Your Health

Dr. Lavin’s professional mission is to restore your smile so you can enjoy a lifetime of health. With our innovative root canal therapy, he will restore and enhance your oral health while delivering outstanding and long-lasting results that are sure to make you smile.

Enhanced Innovation, Superior Patient Care

Removing anxiety from your dental experience.

At our endodontic center, we have invested in the latest dental technologies to make your root canal treatment better, faster, and above all, more comfortable.

Close up of the J. Morita Veraview X800 CBCT
J. Morita Veraview X800 CBCT
Providing exceptional x-ray image quality, even in the most challenging cases.
Close up of the Nomad Digital Radiograph System
Nomad Digital Radiograph System
This state-of-the-art intraoral x-rays provides the best view of your smile.
Close up of our Global Surgical Microscopes
Global Surgical Microscopes
Enhancing all diagnostic and treatment aspects for more accurate outcomes.
Dr. Lavin applying the wand computerized anesthesia to a patient
The Wand Computerized Anesthesia
A magical and painless way to numb your mouth!
Close up of Dr. Lavin holding the Sirona Endo IQ Handpieces
Sirona Endo IQ Handpieces
A dental drill that provides you with freedom and comfort.

This place gave me the absolute best experience I've ever had with an endodontist or any dental practice. The staff and Dr. Lavin were amazing and compassionate; it almost makes you forget how much your abscessed tooth was hurting.

Kimberly (5-Star Google Review)

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